We Are Live! – Launching Freecasting.tv – Free Narrowcasting Software!

Do you have a screen in your office, football canteen or school that is just hanging there? Just collecting dust? We have made it easy to show (or cast as we say) whatever you want, quick and easy.

With much excitement and proud, we are launching Freecasting.tv. A free narrowcasting software solution. As of now, you can create your displays and show them anywhere (e.g. your Sports Club, School, Company, NGO, etc.). So you will never have to look at a boring black screen again and you can show your friends, colleagues, and fellow sports(wo)men whatever you want.   


The narrowcasting software market is by no means user friendly at the moment. It looks like it completely missed the fast moving SaaS train. It is super challenging to show something you made on a tv screen, in an easy way… Summarizing, the narrowcasting software industry could use some disruption, and this is why:


We provide the software. We trust you handling the hardware. If you can install your own television at home, why not do this yourself in a different location? And saving a lot of money while doing this?


We offer a free narrowcasting software solution. Meaning the software lives in the cloud. We take care of it. It’s extremely intuitive. The only thing you have to do is use your content (or create new). With this solution you can start casting within a minute or two.


Traditional solutions will ask for an installation fee, and after that a monthly fee (per screen). We don’t. No installation fee, you can take care of the installation yourself. No monthly fee required. 

So why are we doing this for free and will it stay free? Yes, whatever you get today will remain free, we promise. When successful, we will start creating new features. Some of them might be paid features, some won’t. More info on this and us can be found in the FAQ 

narrowcasting instagram

example of an Instagram narrowcasting board

Another reason why we can offer this for free is the usage of other free software. Most of the editing takes place in Google Sheets or Google Slides. Videos are uploaded on YouTube and not on our server. And you will be able to use free Instagram images. We just offer a tool to combine these sources.

Not convinced you can do this yourself? No worries, you can contact us. We would also like to inform you that we are in the process of collaborating with parties/companies who can do this for you/us. So if you’re a hardware provider and need good narrowcasting software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We sincerely hope you will like Freecasting.tv!

The Freecasting team

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