How to use PowerPoint for narrowcasting purposes?

Freecasting is offering a solution to integrate Google Sheets into your narrowcasting experience, PowerPoint is not part of this (yet). But if you are only looking for a solution to show your PowerPoint presentation to others, you don’t need a narrowcasting solution for this. You can just connect a computer to a screen and set this up directly in the PowerPoint interface, it’s as simple as that.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the first slide
  2. Go to ‘Transitions’
  3. Undo ‘on mouse click’
  4. Below that, select the amount of seconds per slide
  5. Click on ‘apply to all’
  6. To play continuously go to ‘Slide Show’
  7. Go to ‘Set Up Slide Show’
  8. Select ‘Loop continuously until ESC’ 

This only works on the workstation version and not on the cloud (360) version. So when starting up in the morning you need to set it up manually (or write a script), or let it run through the night (which is not very energy efficient).In the settings of your computer and screen you have to make sure they don’t go to sleep.

So this is a very easy and cost efficient way of showing your presentations. If you would like to control multiple screens and also show more content than just from your PowerPoint presentation, this solution is not ideal. We have a better idea! Go to the Freecasting homepage. Here you can start combining Sheets, Slides, YouTube, and Instagram into one board. And the beauty of this is, it’s all for free!

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